Are your lips not clearly defined, or has their natural color faded around the edges?

Imagine having your lips well defined and with color on 24 hours a day… lip dermapigmentation provides the optical illusion of well-defined, fuller lips with no need for painful collagen injections which only work temporarily. If you're not happy with the shape or symmetry of your lips, now you can redesign them!!

Permanent lip makeup can be applied using different techniques, according to your own style and preferences. Color can be used only on the lip line, around the edges, for a more clearly-defined, sexier look. Many clients choose to delineate the internal part of the lips in order to make them look softer and smaller, while others just prefer a gentle shadow for a natural-looking style. Another option consists of delineating and fully applying color to the lips, with a "lipstick" effect, making them look fuller and very sexy. You can choose several different shades, based on the color of your skin and the natural look of your lips.


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